Renegade Jesus

Admit it... You love idea of Jesus being a renegade, a rebel. We love to picture him driving out the corrupt salesmen at the temple. The story is told in all four Gospels. I can see it now: Our 30-something Savior, dressed in his white robe with blue sash, arrives at the temple. Upon arriving, he... Continue Reading →

Farewell to Life360 Ozark

June 26, 2016   To the saints of God in Ozark, chosen and dearly loved: Our hearts are full today, our last Sunday with you. Before, we thought we have might have a lifetime to share our hearts with you. But now, as we prepare for one last chance to speak to you, it doesn’t seem like enough. We... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Judge Me!

As part of our Sermon on the Mount series, we discuss whether Jesus prohibits Christians from actually judging others and their actions.   Talking Points Kids Talksheet

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